Lay down your heart, give up the fight

27 dic. 2010

It's hard to take courage
In a world full of people
You can lose sight of it all
And the darkness inside you
Can make you feel so small

And I need you now tonight and I need you more than ever
And if you only hold me tight We'll be holding on forever
And we'll only be making it right because we'll never be wrong !
Together we can take it to the end of the line
Your love is like a shadow on me all of the time 
I don't know what to do and I'm always in the dark
We're living in a powder keg and giving off sparks
I really need you tonight, forever's gonna start tonight
Forever's gonna start tonight

Once upon a time I was falling in love, but now I'm only falling apart
There's nothing I can do, total eclipse of the heart
Once upon a time there was light in my life, but now there's only love in the dark
Nothing I can say, total eclipse of the heart

Podemos hacer lo que sea, pero hacerlo bieeen .-

20 dic. 2010

Lithium- don't want to lock me up inside

16 dic. 2010

Súbeme el volumen & no lo bajes !

If you leave me I will make you cry 

Hoy tomo una desición, borrarte de mi corazón !

Fue tu manera de amar que nunca la entendí ?